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Some Details About Employment Discrimination Law In Michigan

Employment discrimination Law in Michigan is a law that keeps on changing. It involves complicated procedures, remedies and defenses that challenges even expert attorneys practicing in this field. This is why, it is highly recommended that people facing some problems with respect to workplace differences in Michigan are recommended to get the help of Michigan employment discrimination attorneys.

Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys
Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys

Some important issues are covered under this broad spectrum as it is something related not only to the work, but also to the physical and mental wellbeing of the workforce.
Discrimination status coverage: In general, there are three fundamental discrimination statutes and they are Age Discrimination in Employment Act shortly called as ADEA, 42 USC 1981 and the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Among the above-mentioned three federal discrimination statutes, the third is highly important as it covers business owners with a minimum of 15 people working under them and it prohibits differences shown on the basis of sex, religion, race, pregnancy, national origin, color as well as retaliation. 
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sexual harassment Michigan

The second statute, covers all business owners and it prohibits race differences. The first is the one that covers business owners with a minimum of 20 people working under them and it prevents age differences shown against workforce with more than 40 years of age.



Michigan Employment Discrimination

Michigan Employment Discrimination attorneys

We have decades of experience serving people in Detroit, throughout Michigan, and across the country. In addition, our Michigan Employment Discrimination attorneys give an efficient solution to even most complex cases and even presonal injury cases.

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Michigan Employment Discrimination